Smart Learning Solutions:
Making people and organizations fit for change

equeo advises organizations on the design and implementation of Smart Learning Solutions: methodical-innovative and flexible training formats. This means that organizations are supported through their digital transformation and can offer their employees and clients attractive training opportunities. In the words of Dr. Jörg Dräger, Executive Board Member of the Bertelsmann Foundation: “Individual assistance and personal feedback were once learning obstacles. Those days are over now, because today, digital learning opportunities have reached human-knowledge level with appropriate challenges, the ability to analyze mistakes and provide new explanations and exercises with an infinite amount of patience.”

Our Clients

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The Minds

Gregor Engelmeier
IT Manager

I have been interested in “deep learning” as a personal and satisfactory user experience for learners for quite some time. Learning analytics, situational personalization and the fun of using the solutions - are all exciting topics for me, because that is how learning works.

Thomas Flum
Founder and Managing Director

Life-long learning is a prerequisite for employability, success and personal satisfaction. My main interest is in digitalization and the resulting learning revolution. We are only at the beginning of a new journey.

Tim Kaufhold
Partner & Head of Operations

Our entire society and economy is influenced by the increasing digitalization in the private and business sphere. This also offers great opportunities to actively shape these changes and to use them for life-long learning in a meaningful way which is tailored to each individual.

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